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Steele Music Studio

Offering private piano lessons for all ages and group music classes for young families.

Jan-Feb 2022

Scroll down to read about classes for infants, toddlers, and young children!

All classes will meet in your home on Zoom! We continue meeting virtually for Family Music for safety and health reasons, but we have also found that these classes have given families the opportunity for families to take classes with cousins and friends from near and far!

Family Music for Young Children (0-6)
*Mondays, 4:30 EST/3:30 CST

Jan. 10 - Feb 28

During class we will sing, dance, bounce, rock, wiggle and play simple instruments in a musically rich environment. Classes are designed to nurture a bond of love and security, increase a child's natural curiosity about music, and develop a child's listening skills as well as a sense of flow and beat through movement. 

For older toddlers and young children, these classes also build on your child's growing independence and competencies. It nurtures the children's ability to use language and capitalizes on their delight in dramatic play within the musical context.